WBS SOLAR PUMP--Installation and Inspection of Deep Well Pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP--Installation and Inspection of Deep Well Pump

May 15,2019

                                               Installation and Inspection of Deep Well Pump

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Deep well submersible pumps are very popular with agricultural and livestock customers. They are used for deep well water intake and irrigation. In order to better use deep well submersible pumps, the following checks should be done.
1.Deep well submersible pumps shall be inspected as follows:

(1)The electrical joint should be immersed in water for 6 hours and measured by 5000 voltmeter. The insulation resistance should not be less than 5MΩ.

(2)The groove of the protective cable on the flange shall not have burrs or sharp corners, and shall be cleaned up.

(3)After the motor stator winding is immersed in room temperature water for 48 hours, the insulation resistance to the casing should not be less than 40 MΩ
2. Long shaft deep well pump;

(1) To adjust the axial clearance between impeller and guide shell according to the technical documents of the equipment;

(2) Check whether the check mechanism is flexible and reliable;

(3) Before start-up, rubber bearings should be pre-wetted with water according to the requirements of equipment technical documents.
3. 20 minutes after the start-up of the long-axis deep well pump, the axial clearance between the impeller and the guide shell should be adjusted again by stopping the pump.

For submersible pumps that fail to check the motor steering before entering the well, the correct steering of the motor should be determined according to the change of starting current.

When the water in the riser has not fully flowed back into the well, the pump shall not be restarted, and the time interval from shutdown to restart shall comply with the requirements of the equipment technical documents.