WBS SOLAR PUMP--how to improve the head and working efficiency of the pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP--how to improve the head and working efficiency of the pump

Apr 10,2019

Pump is a common medium transport tool, in many cases, need to use water pumps, such as pumps in industrial areas not only used to transport water, but also used to transport flammable and explosive media such as gasoline. However, in-service pump users I think we should know how to improve the efficiency of the pump, but also how to improve the pump head.
How to improve the Voltage
In our daily life, the commonly used voltage is 220V and 380v, but their actual voltage does not meet this standard, so when we use many electrical appliances, they are used in relatively low-voltage environment. However, it is known that if the electrical appliances can not work at rated voltage for a long time, it is easy to wear and tear the electrical appliances, so that the service life of the electrical appliances can be made Shorten.So to reach the rated power first, we can use a transformer to make the voltage less than 220V reach 220v, so that the efficiency of the pump can reach the rated power.
Raising the lift

For raising the lift, we can make the voltage reach the rated voltage, so the speed of the rotor will be relatively fast, so the speed of pumping will be relatively fast, so we can improve the lift. The second method is to replace the impeller of the same type with larger diameter, then the efficiency of water absorption will obviously increase, so that the pump head will increase.

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