WBS SOLAR PUMP NEWS--Tips of installing Solar Pump

WBS SOLAR PUMP NEWS--Tips of installing Solar Pump

Mar 21,2019
Some Tips of installing solar pump
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Tip one
Dry prevention
1.When debugging the system, attention should be paid to the trial operation stage. The dry running time of the pump should not exceed 90 seconds, otherwise the insulation of the pump motor may be damaged due to high temperature.
2.Please pay attention to the change of water level in time. Water level switch can be installed at the water source to detect the water level signal, so that the system can automatically shut down in case of water shortage.

Tip two

1.When using in cold areas, the system pipes need to be buried deep below the freezing line to avoid pipeline exposure as far as possible.
2.The pipeline should be discharged in time, otherwise the pipeline will burst. Manual operation of valve drainage and installation of relief valve can be adopted to solve the problem.
3.Small holes can be drilled under the pipeline below the freezing line. When the system shuts down, the water stored in the pipeline can be discharged back from the small holes, which can play an anti-freezing role.

Tip three

Cable waterproofing
When the pump leaves the factory, the length of the motor cable is about two meters. When the deep well pump is used, the cable needs to be extended. The connection of the cable needs to be wrapped with waterproof tape to avoid system shutdown protection after water seepage.
Tip Four

Preventing Particle Entry
Ferromagnetic impurities are not allowed. Solid particles are not allowed to enter the suction port of the pump to avoid blocking the suction port.

When solar pumps are installed in rivers, filters should be installed around the pumps in order to avoid blockage of suction nozzles caused by impurities due to suction of pumps.
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