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WBS SOLAR PUMP NEWS--Customer reference in Kenya

WBS SOLAR PUMP NEWS--Customer reference in Kenya

Issue Time:2019/02/28
Customer reference in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is located in the eastern part of Africa. It has a tropical steppe climate in the tropical monsoon region. The precipitation season varies greatly. But Kenya's agriculture is so developed that it needs sufficient water for irrigation. Solar pumps can just meet their needs.
Installation experience
Nadira was the chief of the tribe, whose land did not rain very much. He hoped to have a solar water pump to help them irrigate, feed livestock and solve drinking water problems. One day, he unintentionally learned about our product, and our sales consultant recommended it to him.
             Max Flow:6m3/h
             Max Head:56m

Customer feedback
Solar submersible pump
       Max Flow:3.8m3/h
       Max Head:123m
          Max Flow:6m3/h
          Max Head:42m
            Max Flow:6m3/h
            Max Head:135m
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