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Issue Time:2019/01/14

The pump preparation before starting:


1. Check whether the inlet and outlet valves are in good condition, whether there is any operation blockage, and there is no leakage in the pump and accessory pipes.

2. The pump should close the outlet valve when starting (except for the self-priming pump).

3. Open the inlet valve, open the exhaust valve to fill the entire pump chamber, and then close the exhaust valve.

4. For a mechanically sealed water pump, the pump rotor should be moved by hand to allow the lubricating fluid to enter the mechanical seal end face. Avoid damage to the machine seal caused by mechanical seal dry grinding at start-up.

5. Determine the steering: Start the motor and determine if the steering is correct. Usually the motor is a three-phase four-wire system.If it is reversed, reverse any two of these wires, and the motor will form a forward rotation.

6. The rotor parts should be flexible to rotate, without jamming and friction.


The pump starts and runs:


1. Check the valve again and close the outlet valve.

2. Turn on the power. When the pump reaches the normal speed,gradually open the outlet valve. Note that the closing time of the valve must not exceed 5 minutes. Otherwise, the bearing and mechanical seal are easily damaged.

3. Let the operating conditions be within the scope of the manual and try to be close to the design point. Since flow and power are generally not visible, the pressure (outlet pressure - inlet pressure = pump head) and current are within the rated range.

4. Check the shaft seal. Mechanical seal: 10 drops / minute.Packing seal: 1~2 drops/sec. If it exceeds the standard, it should be handled in time.

5. Check vibration and noise conditions.


The pump is deactivated:


1. Gradually close the outlet valve and cut off the power.

2. If the ambient temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the liquid in the pump should be drained to avoid freezing.

3. If it is to be deactivated for a long time, the pump should be disassembled and cleaned and packaged for storage.



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