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Jan 9,2019

Solar cell modules, also known as photovoltaic panels. It is an important component in solar pump systems. The quality of solar photovoltaic panels directly affects the efficiency and service life of this system. So how do you tell if a solar panel is good or bad?


1. "see color"

In general, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels have a blue color and a uniform light blue or sky blue. If the color of the panels is dark and the colors are different, then it is definitely not meticulous.


2. "look at the surface"

The tempered glass surface of the panel should be flat and free of foreign matter. In order to increase the production speed, some small manufacturers do not clean the silica gel that drops on the surface of the tempered glass. If the silica gel is not cleaned, it will affect the power generation efficiency.


3. "look at the battery"

The cells on the panel are each complete and cut through the whole. However, many irregular manufacturers on the market use spliced ​​cell sheets to form a seemingly complete cell for soldering. We look at the observations to see if there are any traces of cutting. This method is very risky, and may not be obvious at the beginning, but the spliced ​​battery piece is easy to be disconnected later, which affects the use of the entire battery board.


4. "Look at the back"

Look at the quality of the back pressure, there is no unevenness after the pressure, such as bubbles, wrinkles and the like.


5. "Look at the border"

Due to the low barriers to entry in the solar panel industry,many small manufacturers use manual boxing. Manual frame is not uniform due to the intensity of each frame, and the frame is not tightly touched. The shape is not strictly rectangular, and the degree of firmness is greatly reduced.


6. "Look at silica gel"

Look at whether the silicone around the back is evenly distributed, and whether it penetrates tightly into the gap between the backboard and the frame.


7. "Look at welding"

Carefully observe the strand welding of the battery sheet for leakage welding. At the same time, it is necessary to see if the arrangement of the cells is regular.


8. "Look at the junction box"

Look at the junction box is secure, and the junction box cover can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box. See if the wire lock is free to rotate and can be tightened.


9. "Look at the price"

If all of the above are difficult to distinguish. The safest way is to compare prices. Panel prices are volatile, but there is a rough range. If the price given by the manufacturer is much lower than the market price, then we have to distinguish it carefully. Manufacturers are required to issue corresponding battery board certificates, qualification documents, etc.


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