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Issue Time:2018/12/17

Each pump has a set of performance curves. A flow value can be found for its corresponding head, power and efficiency values. We refer to this set of corresponding parameters as the operating point. The corresponding highest efficiency point is called the best operating point. The intersection of the pump flow-lift performance curve and the pipeline characteristic curve is called the operating point of the pump. The operating point varies with the flow and head of the pump, and the characteristic curve of the line is essentially constant in the given water supply piping system. In the actual use of the pump, the operating point of the pump should coincide with the optimum operating point, or close to the optimal operating point, so that the pump can be kept in a high-efficiency operating area, thereby achieving energy saving.Many high efficiency pumps operate at locations away from the optimum operating conditions. High energy consumption and low efficiency.


Correct determination of the geometric installation height of the pump is an important condition to ensure that the pump does not cavitation when working under design conditions. In actual work, people only pay attention to the flow and head, and often ignore the cavitation performance of the pump.Some installers do not know much about the theoretical performance of the pump.They will never and will not calculate the allowable installation height of the pump. Only the past experience is used to determine the installation height of the pump. Other installers think that the lift of the pump is larger. The installation height is greater; or due to insufficient estimation of the resistance loss of the suction piping system, insufficient estimation of the temperature fluctuation of the medium, and insufficient estimation of the liquid level change of the suction pool, the pump is in a potential cavitation state, causing damage to the pump. Faster, or cavitation, can't work.Therefore, correctly determining the geometric installation height of the pump is important for energy saving.


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