Installation, Use and Notice of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Installation, Use and Notice of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Update Time:2019/4/12
Q:Installation, Use and Notice of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump
1. Before using the stainless steel submersible pump, it is necessary to check whether the pump is damaged during transportation and storage, such as whether the cable and plug are intact, whether the bolts are loose or not, and whether there is oil leakage pump shell. If damaged parts are found, they should be replaced. Do not make the pump work with "disease". The cold insulation resistance of the motor should be greater than 50 megaohms, and leakage protection devices should be installed and grounded reliably.

2.Then check whether the range of voltage fluctuation is between +5% and -15% of rated voltage (otherwise the life of motor will be shortened or even burned out). If the pump is used far away from the power supply, the transmission line should be appropriately thickened (the diameter of the power supply line must be larger than that of the pump power line, otherwise the power supply line too thin will make the voltage drop too much to start running). When the power supply voltage is too low, the transmission line should be appropriately thickened.(Unadjustable) When the pump is submerged and the power supply is closed, there will be no water or water outlet is very slow. It should be started without load and put into water after normal operation. In addition, it should be sealed and exploded strictly at the joints of the power supply wires to prevent leakage of electricity due to water.

3.Connect the power supply of stainless steel submersible pump to idle for a few seconds (no more than 60 seconds), check the start-up, operation and turning correctly (if the three-phase electric pump is not turning correctly, then adjust any two of the power supply output lines). After power-on, it is found that no water or less water will turn incorrectly, and adjust the wiring.

4.Connect the conveyor pipes matching the outlet, tie them tightly with tightening hoops, and string ropes at the handle for lifting and putting them in use. Never use cable to lift the pump. The pump works in the lake. The depth of water entering should not exceed 5 meters, and the distance from the bottom should be more than 50 cm. It should be covered with bamboo baskets or wire mesh outside to block the filter mesh in the waterproof tank, so that the pump can not work normally.

5.When submersible pumps are working, attention should be paid to the drop of water level (especially when pumping well water). Pumps should not be exposed to work outside sleep, nor can they be dehydrated for a long time to avoid motor heating and burning nail windings.

6.Stainless steel submersible pump must be used within the prescribed lift range, not less than 80% of the prescribed lift. Otherwise, the pump will burn the motor due to overload.

7. Stainless steel submersible pump can not start frequently, and the interval between two starts should not be less than 1 minute.